Each ViWin® solution is quick to install, easy to use and totally safe.

You can manage everything independently through your OGICloud® control panel.

ViWin®: Virtual servers for your Private Cloud Network

ViWin® allows you to have a complete Windows work environment tailored to your business anytime and anywhere. With ViWin® you can access your desktop and your servers at any time, from any place and with any device (PC, notebook, smartphone and tablet).

You don’t just access the data you store in the Cloud, as happens with other Cloud Providers. Access directly to your virtual desktop on which all your applications are installed: for example, if you do not have Excel installed on your device, you can still access and edit all your Excel files that are on your virtual desktop in OGICloud®.

Furthermore, the geographic Disaster Recovery service has already been automatically implemented.

Accessibility from anywhere 100%
Accessibility at any time 100%
Accessibility with any device 100%

Hyperconvergence technology

OGICloud® uses hyperconverged infrastructure “aCloud” by Sangfor, leader in the sector, to provide its own virtual server service.

By laying the foundations on hyperconvergence technology (HCI), the performance of virtual machines is higher and the framework simplified and more flexible than the Cloud traditional. The control panel is intuitive and innovative.

Fonte: sangfor.com

Technical features

ViWin® is OGICloud® solution for Windows Virtualization that allows you to have a COMPLETE WINDOWS WORKING ENVIRONMENT and CUSTOM-MADE CONFIGURED for your business anytime and anywhere may include:

  • Microsoft Office Standard or Professional (with Software Assurance)
  • Microsoft Antivirus Sophos Intercept X (with Software Assurance)
  • Backup
  • Cal and RdCal licenses for user access via Microsoft Remote Desktop
  • Co2Pc to allow virtual machines in the cloud to access devices on your local network and vice versa
  • Public Connectivity to allow you to directly expose your applications to the Internet
  • Exchange Server (with Software Assurance)
  • SQL Server Standard (with Software Assurance)

With ViWin® you can operate from any terminal as if you were sitting in front of your office PC.

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