Do you need to work remotely?

Access the central company server securely with OGIBridge®, 100% Italian teleworking software

You can access company PCs and servers from any device (PC, smartphone, tablet) to continue working in telework as if you were in the office, using your desktop, your applications and your files

All this in a way:

• SECURE – OGIBridge® creates a encrypted connection between the remote machine (located in the company) and your device, allowing you to work safely on company resources and applications, wherever you are in remote working.

• SIMPLE – You just have to enter the personal credentials that you are given on the OGIBridge® login page and you will be able to remotely access your desktop . We take care of the installation remotely!

• CHEAP – The cost of OGIBridge® is only 42 euros per year (less than 1 coffee per week!) per license.

• UNLIMITED – The number of users who can connect to the PC in the company or to the server in the company is unlimited .


A license is required for each PC or server to be accessed remotely.
An OGIBridge® agent is installed on each PC or server to be accessed remotely.

OGIBridge® is the service used for connection with ViWin® virtual machines and is already included in the ViWin® service.

OGIBridge® is the SMART WORKING solution by  .

Our experts are at your disposal for any need!