Cloud Computing: what is it?


The Cloud Computing is a system that enables the provision of software and hardware computing resources (computing capacity, file storage, software and applications) without these being physically installed on your computer, but on a remote server of an external provider.

These resources, which are Pay per use in a virtual personal space , are made accessible from anywhere , with any device and at any time through an internet connection.

The applications that are based on the cloud, can be operational in a short time: you log in, customize the application and use it; in this way you can manage your company even when you are not physically present , sharing files, keeping internal and external communications active, using programs installed in the cloud instead of on a computer that does not is “handy” or doesn’t have enough physical memory or performance.

The OGICloud® Private Cloud


OGICloud® is the PRIVATE CLOUD platform, developed and managed entirely by fastERA®.

You can have a YOUR PRIVATE CLOUD SPACE , to which only your company can have access: it is not accessible from a public IP (if not option).

This guarantees a higher level of security , particularly useful for companies handling sensitive data.

Our 4 Cloud Centers (2 for each “region”: EU and Swiss) are certified, protected and < strong> in geographic Disaster Recovery between them – each element is redundant so as not to have “Single Point of Failure”.

OGICloud® allows you to have dedicated virtual resources and can be integrated with hardware devices and software already present in the your company.

… This is TRUE CLOUD!

The cloud for businesses and companies … in one click!


Data protection, security and confidentiality

OGICloud® infrastructures are designed to guarantee the customer total security, through the use of high-level technological methodologies and procedures designed to protect the environment and company data.

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Among the various protection measures used are:

  • Data Center Security
  • Backup
  • Disaster Recovery already included for OGICloud® virtual servers
  • Access to infrastructure and data
  • Log & amp; Identity Management
  • Threat Management and Prevention

Flexibility and scalability

The power of the virtual machine can be increased -expandability- according to the Customer’s need at any time, following the evolution of business needs and of the market in which it operates.

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This greater flexibility not only allows companies to modulate resources and capabilities in order to cope with new projects, but also allows them to manage traffic peaks without compromising user experience.

Mobility and availability

The OGICloud® infrastructure is remotely accessible and gives the possibility to use cloud-based applications anywhere not limited to hardware and at any time, regardless of the device (smartphone, tablet or laptop).

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Cloud resources are therefore always available to the customer and can be activated in a few minutes.

IT outsourcing and centralization

The OGICloud® infrastructure is the ideal tool to rethink the business organization and outsource IT processes, leaving the company more free to focus on the growth of its core business without having to worry about infrastructural aspects.

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All processes are entrusted to the same Cloud Provider, thus making their management easier and safer, and can be kept under control through a simple and intuitive OGICloud® management panel.

Lower costs under control

Scalability allows the customer to pay only for the service he actually uses, monitoring and keeping costs and investment under control. OGICloud® allows you to use processing capacity, networking and security solutions without infrastructure costs and high initial investments.

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It avoids the purchase of hardware and elements such as storage, switches, hypervisors, backup software, which are made available by OGICloud® and other costs such as energy consumption electric.

24×365 support

The OGICloud® service enjoys a SUPPORT 24 hours a day for the whole year , provided by some of the best Cloud professionals in Italy.


You can implement your Cloud with services developed by fastERA® accessible remotely in absolute safety at any time, via any device connected to the Internet:


ViWin® allows you to have a complete Windows work environment and tailor-made for your business anytime, anywhere.


Co2PC® is the OGICloud® service that allows you to create an extension of your local network in the cloud via normal internet connections.


Access from any Device to company PCs and servers to continue working as in the office, using your desktop, your applications and your files.


It is the integrated solution for backup and replication in the cloud repository of the OGICloud® infrastructure of fastERA® .


Disaster Recovery is a solution that allows rapid recovery of your business applications and guarantees the protection of IT services.


OGILink® provides LTE 4G, FIBER FTTH and FTTC internet connection solutions and IOT Internet Of Things solutions.

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