Your local network communicates with the Cloud

“Does your company have printers, MFPs, scanners and other devices connected to the local network? Do you want these technological devices to connect with your OGICloud® Virtual Servers and Desktops?”

Co2PC® is the OGICloud® service that allows to create an extension of a local network in the cloud through normal internet connections using a secure remote access (SSL) and without geographic limitations.

Co2PC® is designed for all companies that aim to connect to the same network all their devices (PC, Server, Thin Client, printers, etc.), even if located in different branches.

The IP-level connection uses an encrypted system to ensure the privacy and the security of your data.

Co2PC® is a safe, quick to install and easy to use solution.


The Co2Pc® box devices are installed in each of your company branches and connected to the existing switches.

The Co2Pc® box devices are connected to each other at an IP level over encrypted tunnels creating a VLN (Virtual Lan Network) which all company machines can access.