To use the cloud effectively, it is necessary to have good download and upload bandwidth.

To support the OGICloud® product through an adequate internet connection fastERA® has created OGILink® through its subsidiary OGILink srl.

4G LTE internet connection
wherever you are

The wireless internet connection with 4G technology that you can take wherever you are: you can move your OGILink® 4G router at home, in the office and take it with you even on vacation, all without having to sign a contract anywhere!

Internet connection on consumption tailored for you

OGILink® FLEX is the pay-as-you-go 4G / 4G + connectivity service that allows you to use only the GB you need without a monthly fee via DATA SIM. You can buy and manage your SIMs and top-ups online independently.

Unlimited fiber
internet connection

The fixed internet connection for your home, your office or your company. OGILink® FIBRA FTTC and OGILink® FIBRA FTTH are the two solutions for those who need an unlimited internet connection linked to the fiber infrastructure.

Internet of Things

OGILink® IOT – Internet of Things, is a technological innovation that allows you to connect any device equipped with a SIM compartment to the Internet, allowing remote management and monitoring of processes and consumption.