The ISO / IEC 27001: 2013 standard is the only international standard subject to verification and certifiable by a body (third party) recognized and accredited by national and international organizations, which operates through qualified assessors periodically examining the status of the compliance conditions that defines the requirements for an ISMS – Information Security Management System – and is designed to ensure the selection of adequate and proportionate security controls through well-defined rules (best practices) to give confidence to interested parties.

The renewal of the certification takes place every 3 years with an annual monitoring of information management.

fastERA®, as Cloud provider, has adopted the ISO / IEC27001: 2013 standard which it renewed in 2018 for its dedicated physical servers located in the Data Centers.

fastERA®, in compliance with the provisions of the ISO / IEC 27001: 2013 standard, under the supervision of the certifying body, works to:

• Identify threats and vulnerabilities through a correct census of the organization’s assets (assets)

• Minimize and best manage the risks of the organization – Defining the control objectives, respecting the rules and regulations, formalizing the processes and procedures (compliance of technology, cryptography, physical and environmental security, security of human resources and responsibility in the data processing, asset management, logical access control, supplier relationship, communication security …)

• Offer greater protection from possible data attacks, quickly recovering full functionality

• Constantly monitor performance and activate any improvement actions by auditing the implemented management system

ensuring the confidentiality, integrity, availability, traceability and continuity of its information system.